Employment Tips

There are many things that will be new for you and every family is different so we recommend that you discuss any question that you may have regarding the role with the family at the beginning of your employment. This should help to give you the clarity you need in order to be confident in your new role and ensure the smooth running of the families daily routines. Therefore:

  • Ø  Learn and implement the family house rules and respect their views and beliefs
  • Ø  Be aware of and clear about any allergies, special dietary requirements and medical conditions and how to deal with them; have a list of important emergency contacts
  • Ø  Ask any relevant questions about how the household is run and have a set of house keys (you will need them as you will move with the children between the house and their school, clubs or friend’s house)
  • Ø  It is important that you are aware of all your responsibilities and rights and they are clearly stated in your contract
  • You will need to be motivated from the onset as it is essential that the family believe that they have selected the most suitable nanny for their children. Therefore:
  • Ø  Make sure you arrive every day on time (we recommend you to arrive a few minutes earlier so your employers do not have to wait for you, this also allows time to discuss any important issues before they have to leave)
  • Ø  For parents it is always nice to find out what the children were doing during their absence, therefore it is recommended that you maintain a diary of all activities undertaken with the children during the day (long detailed explanations are not required!)
  • Ø  Parents often keep a diary as a form of communication with the nanny to leave notes about the daily responsibilities and any changes that may occur in the daily routine. It may also be used for you to communicate with the parents and ask any relevant questions
  • Ø  Although the family may not require you to do any household chores a little tidying in the house whilst the children are at school/nursery or asleep will be appreciated from parents
  • Ø  Flexibility and co-operation in the form of being available for babysitting or being able to meet requests to start earlier or finish late on the odd occasion will help to make you stand out! 

Contact us for any other tips and suggestions how to best impress families looking for a nanny.