Interview Tips

At Heart Nannies Agency we know how important it is to have a position that is suitable for you in order to bring job satisfaction. Therefore we are here for you to support you in your career development and give you tips on how to maintain a positive relationship between you and the family as this is the key factor for enabling a positive working environment. We can assist you in preparing for an interview as we know what our clients are looking for. We will discuss the interview process with you as well as the job description so you are in the best position to be prepared for the interview. Although we look after and provide individual support for each of our nannies there are some general tips that apply to all:

Ø  Have an up to date CV that looks professional, without any mistakes (we recommend you to take a printed copy to the interview)

Ø  Advisable to take copies of written references

Ø  Advisable to take relevant certification and diplomas for parents to view

Ø  Be on time and allow for slight delays on your journey

Ø  Dress appropriately and presentable, chose nice trousers or knee length skirt (remember trainers are not appropriate dress code for an interview)

Ø  Prepare for the interview; some of the questions are standard questions, such as why are you applying for this position, why are you a nanny, what you most like about being a nanny or what are your strengths and weaknesses, so you can prepare the answers beforehand

Ø  Prepare some questions that you would like to ask as this shows your interest in the position and indicates that you want to find a family that is suitable for you

Ø  Speak slowly and clearly, ask for clarification if you don’t understand something

Ø  Be friendly, open, honest as well as polite and show good manners (gentle smile, eye contact, shake hands and thank the parent(s) for the opportunity of being interviewed)

Ø  Show an interest in the children and the role you are applying for rather than the salary! You will have the opportunity to discuss issues such as salary or accommodation during the second interview.


We will contact you and the family after the interview to receive and obtain a feedback from the interview so we know whether and how to process the case further.